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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

1.  My organization cannot provide me with an authorisation letter, can I still apply on behalf of the organization? 

No, an authorization letter is required if attending on behalf of an organization.  If a letter is not provided, a participant will be registered as attending as an individual.

2.  I have problems with attaching an authorization letter, what should I do?

The letter should be sent to

3.  I am interested in attending the Regional Forum but I cannot attend all the sessions. Can I still apply? 

Yes, there is no requirement to attend all sessions.

4.  I want to make an oral intervention during the event. Will that be possible and for how long? 

Yes, interventions are possible in the 4 thematic sessions and are limited to 2 minutes.  Participants must follow the process set out in the Practical Information, which is emailed in advance of the event.

5.  Will there be an interpretation during the event? 

Simultaneous interpretation is anticipated in Amazigh, Arabic, English, French, and Sign Language.

6.  How and when will I find out whether my registration in the event is approved? 

The organizers review every registration and aim to approve them within 5 days of registration.  A confirmation email will be sent once approved.

7.  I don’t live in the Africa-Middle East region but my work is connected with the region. Can I still apply? 

Yes.  Please make it clear in your registration how your work is connected to the region.

8.  I want to participate in the Regional Forum but I have security concerns. What should I do? 

In the registration form respond "Yes" to the question: "Do you have security concerns regarding your attendance to the event?".  The organizers will then contact you by email.

9.  Where can I see the results of the previous Regional Forum?

All documents of previous regional forums can be found here. 

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